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    Recruitment For Alternative Medicine In Clinics

    It all started when he was 2 and was diagnosed with leukaemia. He has since been given chemotherapy and radiation. His parents are trying everything from herbal remedies, bio energy sessions, magnets in his pillow and mattress, fruit and vegetable drinks to acupuncture to help ease his pain. He is in remission now, after a bone marrow transplant, and his parents continue to blend traditional care with unconventional therapies. Everything that is possible must be done for him, says his mother. They were first cautious but later decided to keep trying various treatments too.
    American Academy of Paediatrics has passed a brand new guideline which says that all doctors should be aware of other treatment. Unconventional treatments are not uncommon any more with 30% parents trying it out. Such remedies are always coming up with chronic illnesses or disabilities such as cancer, autism, sickle cell anaemia.
    The physicians will have to out in an extra effort to make the patient feel that he is concerned. Knowing what treatments are being used helps the physicians actually monitor the child and see if the treatment is helping and whether it can be recommended to others as well. The amount of information found on the internet is one main reason for this change said the paediatric haematologist and oncologist at Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters. The patients to be asked the alternative medicine they are trying.
    The risks involved are told to the parents by him at the same time that he gives them support. Chemotherapy can be adversely affected with a lot of folic acid in the alternative medicine. There's nothing like deep touch massage, music therapy, or meditation he explains. His support is for anything that has no detrimental effect. It is but natural that the parents will only feel better when they've tried everything.
    Doctors today have to face a lot more problems thanks to alternative treatments The Internet is full of pitches for such treatments many of which are unproven scientifically and difficult to assess. For instance, determining what ingredients are in herbal remedies and vitamin supplements can be nearly impossible.
    Alternative medicines are being studied at the Medical schools while massage or chiropractic care is being paid for by insurance companies. But the array of treatments seems to grow by the day. The costly alternative treatments not covered by insurance are always warned about y the doctor.
    The alternative treatment and the doctor's advice always go hand in hand said the boy's mother. The fruit and vegetable drink has been completely stopped for three months now because of the bone marrow transplant that has just taken place. The parents have been ready to take Alternative and complementary therapies for their parents to make sure their children don't get any serious diseases.
    Thank you for reading about medical recruitment and medical jobs.For more information on medical jobs check out medical jobs qatar.
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    Relief of Tinnitus - Alternative and Conventional Treatments

    Hello fellow Tinnitus sufferers: This article will be about treatment for the relief of Tinnitus, both conventional medicine, and Alternative options.
    It is indeed unfortunate that there really aren't any conventional medications that successfully treat Tinnitus, for all patients. As I have mentioned before, there are many different causes of Tinnitus. Therefore it stands to reason that the relief of Tinnitus would also be different per individual.
    Conventional medicine has come up with Lidocaine, which in some people has been beneficial in the treatment of Tinnitus. The drawback is it has to be administered by intravenous injection, has a short shelf life, and has undesirable side effects.
    Melatonin is another medication tested. It had no effect on most Tinnitus sufferers, except those who couldn't sleep because of their Tinnitus. The Melatonin given at bedtime helped them to sleep.
    Education, Tinnitus retraining, and medications to treat symptoms are all the conventional medicine have in their arsenal for the treatment for Tinnitus, and in some people it has gone a long way to reduce the effects of Tinnitus on their lives.
    Alternative Treatments for the Relief of Tinnitus
    There is a need for Alternative treatments for Tinnitus relief as there is no cure for Tinnitus. These are not readily accepted by the physicians practicing conventional medicine. They are taught that treatment can only be achieved through modern Pharmacology.
    Alternative treatments such as herbs, plant extracts, and mineral supplementation, laser light therapy, enzyme therapy, Botox injections, and magnetic Stimulation, are all possible treatments for Tinnitus.
    Alternative treatment of Tinnitus might be as simple as variations in your diet, it could be you only need vitamin supplementation. Some sort of herbal remedy may give you the relief of your symptoms.
    Lipoflavonoids, B vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and manganese, are nutrient supplements that have shown promise in the treatment of Tinnitus. There are many more to be discussed in my next installment.
    I am a Tinnitus sufferer myself, for many years now. It is my belief that conventional medicine alone, cannot cure Tinnitus. I do however believe that nutrition, alternative therapies, vitamin supplementation, along with conventional medicine, relief of Tinnitus symptoms can be achieved. Follow me here to relief of Tinnitus [http://www.reliefoftinnitus.com] to a source of information that will surely enlighten you.
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    Stage 4 Lung Cancer - What Is It?

    What is stage 4 lung cancer? It is the most advanced stage of lung cancer known today. Having cancer at this stage means that the tumor at the lungs has spread out to the other parts of the body. This is also called metastasis. Identifying lung cancer stage is important to determine the extent of the spread of cancer and what possible treatment that a willing cancer patient must go through if he opt to be treated. This type of lung cancer may affect the brain, the liver, the adrenal glands and the bone.
    Usually, a lung cancer is not detected on its early stage. Most symptoms start to manifest only at the later stage of the disease. Some stage 4 lung cancer symptoms are persistent coughing and sometimes with bloody mucous, shortness of breath, hoarseness of voice, difficulty in swallowing, tenderness of muscles with intolerable muscle pains, repeated occurrence of pneumonia or bronchitis and fatigue. Affecting the brain, the symptoms are severe headaches, vision changes and seizure attacks. For the liver and adrenal glands, a cancer patient may experience abdominal pain, fever, yellowish skin, swollen legs, weight loss and loss of appetite. Bone breakage occurs even when there is no injury that took place. Note however that different people may show different symptoms as this will depend on the other organs affected.
    One should undergo multiple tests when most of the symptoms manifest. Stage 4 lung cancer can be diagnosed through various tests like chest x-rays, bone scans, CT scans or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), ultrasound and other blood tests. After taking all the necessary tests and a diagnosis has been made, an individual who is said to have this disease is entitled to get a second opinion, after all, its his life that is at stake. Note however that this lung cancer has no more cure but there are treatment methods that an individual may undergo to reduce pain at a certain level, slow down the growth of cancer cells and extend his life.
    The common treatments recommended to slow down the spread of cancer cells for stage 4 lung cancer are chemotherapy, radiation therapy and in some cases the combination of both. Why not surgery? Surgery at this point in time is not recommended because as stated, this stage is characterized with the spread of tumors in various organs. The purpose of surgery is to remove the organ affected with tumor. To remove all the organs with tumor will just make the cancer patient weaker and may even be the cause for him to pass away sooner than he should. Chemotherapy, as a treatment, makes use of chemical agents to destroy the cancer cells. There are three ways to take this treatment. It can be taken orally, through injection or through the veins. What is important is the dosage of administering this treatment. But there is a setback. The treatment can also destroy non-cancer cells. Chemotherapy can not distinguish a good cell from a cancer cell. Radiation therapy on the other hand use radioactive substances to target and destroy the DNA of the cancer cells. An external machine can be used or a radioactive material can be inserted into the body and position it close to the area affected by the tumor. Like chemotherapy, radiation therapy can also damage normal body cells.
    In consideration of the family of a cancer patient, they will also experience agony as they witness the physical hardships that their love one is going through. The cancer patient with so much effort will try not to show how much physical pain he is experiencing because he knows that his love ones will also suffer. In reciprocity, family members will try hard not to show how much they sympathize and empathize for their cancer patient. For most families, a disease such as stage 4 lung cancer has brought the family members closer to each other. One concern that brings the family together is the fact that this is a terminal case. It is but human nature to want to spend time with a love one who you know will be gone soon. Another reason concerns family decisions and support that need to be made. When a patient decides that he wants to undergo treatment, he will be needing all the support that his family can give.
    Stage 4 lung cancer is a dreadful disease that no one wants to have but there are ways not to reach this stage if you already have lung cancer.
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    So When Your Hip Hurts, What's Going on and What Do You Do?

    There are many different causes of hip pain. And among the various problems requiring arthritis treatment, this ranks near the top.
    This article will discuss the three most common types.
    Osteoarthritis... the major culprit
    The first is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a disease of cartilage, the gristle that caps the ends of long bones, and which cushions joints to allow gliding. When cartilage wears away, in other words, deteriorates, it causes the bones in the hip to rub against each other.
    The pain of osteoarthritis is generally felt in the groin. It also may be felt in the buttocks. Patients may have difficulty getting their shoes and socks on and off the affected foot. Getting in and out of a chair may be difficult. Going up and down stairs may also be a problem.
    On examination range of motion of the hip is abnormal. In particular, internal rotation tends to be affected early.
    If osteoarthritis of the hip is suspected, the doctor will often order x-rays. The x-rays will show narrowing of the joint space as well as bone spurs and cysts in the bones next to the joint.
    The treatment will vary depending on the extent of symptoms. Patients may respond to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, intra-articular steroid injections, and stretching exercises.
    While patients may eventually require total joint replacement, if the arthritis is not that severe, a stem cell procedure may be considered.
    Hip tendonitis... a major player
    Another cause of hip pain is tendinitis. Tendinitis causes inflammation in the tough fibrous band that connects bones to muscles. The most common cause of tendinitis is overuse.
    There are many different tendons in the hip region. The tendons in the front of the hip, if affected, will cause pain in the groin. This is particularly evident when a patient climbs stairs or gets up from the chair.
    Tendinitis on the outside of the hip will cause pain with stair climbing. Also, the patient may experience discomfort at night if they try to lie on the affected hip.
    Tendinitis involving the hamstring tendons in the hip may cause pain in the buttocks with walking or running.
    The diagnosis is suspected by history and confirmed by physical examination. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may be needed to confirm the extent of damage.
    The treatment of choice is rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy, early on.
    Sometimes, steroid injections are required for acute problems.
    For more chronic tendon problems, a percutaneous needle tenotomy using ultrasound guidance followed by platelet rich plasma (PRP) is generally advised. Surgery is rarely required.
    Last... but not least
    The final common problem that may affect the hip is bursitis. Bursitis is inflammation of the bursae, the small sacks of fluid that cushion bones and tendons.
    The pain is felt along the outside of the hip. It is extremely painful when examined.
    Treatment involves anti-inflammatory medications, ice, physical therapy, and stretching.
    If non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are ineffective, steroid injection may be required.
    Again, this is a situation where percutaneous needle tenotomy with platelet rich plasma (PRP) may be needed.
    There are obviously other causes of hip pain, but these are the three most common problems requiring specific arthritis treatment.
    Nathan Wei, MD, FACP, FACR is a rheumatologist and Director of the Arthritis Treatment Center http://www.arthritistreatmentcenter.com. For more info: Arthritis Treatment
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    To Heal Yourself - Understand the Powerful Effect Your Emotions Have on Your Body!

    Unconscious, repressed emotions initiate physical illness such as hypertension, coronary artery disease, neck and back pain, migraine, repetitive stress injuries, tendonitis, IBS, Crohn's, colitis, heart burn, hiatus hernia, fibromyalgia, arthritis, lyme disease, weight gain, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, PMS, eczema, psoriasis, and even cancer.
    How can emotions have such a powerful impact on the body?
    The circulation of blood is under control of a subsystem of the central nervous system known as the autonomic nervous system. An emotion, such as anger, fear, or guilt, initiates a process in the brain which activates the autonomic nervous system, causing a reduction of blood circulation to the involved area. The affected area is now deprived of their full complement of oxygen, resulting in a reduced rate of repair and an increase in inflammation.
    If the affected area is a joint, tendon or a muscle, they will be more prone to injure and will remain in an inflammatory state causing arthritis, RA, fibromyalgia, back/ neck pain or some other pain syndrome. If the affected areas are the intestines a person will be more likely to develop IBS, colitis, Crohn's, spastic colon, bowel irregularities; if in the cardiovascular system, one would be more prone to inflammation of the blood vessels causing plaque formation and heart disease; if in the brain, it could lead to anxiety, depression, dementia and Alzheimer; if in the hormonal system, it could cause weight gain, hypothyroidism, PMS, fatigue, or adrenal burn-out.
    An interesting note on cancer, Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg proved over 50 years ago that cancer occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirement.
    Also, did you know inflammation is thought to be the culprit behind the visible signs of aging?
    As you can see, addressing underlying repressed emotions can increase oxygenation to tissue and reduce inflammation resulting in improved health, less pain, more youthful appearance, and weight loss.
    Powerful techniques used to assist in the healing process of unresolved emotions:
    Inner Child Therapy:
    The concept of the 'inner child' stands for unfinished emotions and feelings from our first years. It stands for essential aspects of our being, like trust, innocence and natural energy that have been damaged or oppressed in our early years. When areas within have gone unhealed and unheard they may show up in your outer life as problematic communications, anger issues, dysfunctional relationships, addictions or codependency. They may leave us feeling sad, lonely, abandoned or distrustful. Most of these issues were established out of earlier experiences which were learned in early childhood.
    Magnified Healing
    Many have described Magnified Healing energy as "soft yet powerful," "magnetic," "very yin" (or feminine) in its essence. Using the center line of the body and starting at the top of the head, practitioners place one hand in front of the body and the other behind the body. They then move their hands down the body all the way to the feet until the entire body has been treated with Magnified Healing. Magnified Healing recipients often feel a pleasant tingling or pulsing in areas with which the healing facilitator is working. The recipient generally completes the treatment with great reduction of stress and pain.
    Heart Linking
    A heartlink is an energy cord, or channel, that we establish between our heart center and the heart center of another. Heartlinks serve as a tool that fills us with energy to the point of overflowing enabling us to share the excess with others.
    Reconnection Therapy
    Reconnection Therapy is the process of cleansing and re-activating our personal grid...our connection to everything else in the universe. Many people report feeling a new sense of confidence and empowerment with clarity about their life's purpose. Almost everyone reports their desires manifesting more quickly. Physical changes are increased energy and vitality, looking younger, softer skin, staying healthy, not catching colds and viruses, even the healing of disease. The dependence on medicines and supplements falls away as you allow the wisdom that created your body to heal your body.
    Trauma Release Techniques
    Trauma is defined as emotional, psychological or physiological symptoms that result from events that overwhelm the nervous system. Feelings of being out of control or helplessness may result after a traumatic experience. This could be something as seemingly non life-threatening, but traumatic none the less as a dental and medical procedure, falls, or minor car accidents. When a state of helplessness and lack of control accompanies negative life experiences, our brains are unable to rid themselves of the messages of threat. All of the experiences that accompanied these traumatic events are mainly stored in our unconscious survival memory centers.
    The techniques used help to extinguish the portions of traumatic memory with ease, without having to "re -live the experience" but by eliminate those memories cues that cause a "fight, flight or freeze reaction."
    Removal of Energy Blocks
    Energy Blocks can take many forms, such as stagnated blood or lymph causing toxins to build up in the body, thus resulting in disease. Another form can be limiting beliefs and expectations preventing us from manifesting fulfillment in our lives. "When Qi (a name for energy) flows freely along the meridians, people are free from illness; if the Qi is blocked, the pain follows." Ancient Chinese Saying.
    Locked-in negative emotions
    Quantum biology teaches us that consciousness is not localized to any one place. Every time you have a thought or a feeling, a desire, an instinct, or a drive, the body produces specific neuropeptides to communicate that feeling to the rest of the body. Researchers have found receptor sites to these neuropeptides in the immune system and in all organs of the body. Because of this direct mind-body link, negative emotions; e.g. anger, grief, rejection, fear, worry, self-criticism; can create a physical effect. For example, someone that is very self-critical will communicate that feeling to the immune system, causing the immune system to think that there is something wrong with the self and start to attack the self (your own body) leading to an autoimmune disorder, such as arthritis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, asthma, fibromyalgia, or even cancer. Another example could be an inability to speak about your emotions, not feeling heard, or your voice doesn't matter affecting the thyroid, resulting in a slow functioning thyroid, slow metabolism and weight gain.
    Inherited negative emotions from prior generations:
    Bert Hellinger's Family Systems Oriented Psychotherapy and advanced APN are very effective tools in dealing with these types of issues. The common dynamics that can affect the person from prior generations are as described in Dr. Klinghardt Systemic Energy Psychology manual:
    1. "I follow you." E.g. a mother dies at childbirth at age 22. The child lives. When the child turns 22, she commits suicide.
    2. "I do it for you." E.g. a father is unhappy. He considers (unknown to anyone else) to leave the family. His 4 year old daughter develops cancer and does it for him.
    3. "I am like you." E.g. in a specific family, over generations, men around the age 35 are involved in a huge business failure.
    4. "I take it from you." E.g. the client's father was chronically very angry at his wife. The daughter carries the anger for him (displacement of subject) and projects it onto her husband (displacement of object).
    5. "I want to be with you." E.g. a daughter was never held lovingly by her father. Her whole life becomes an attempt to finally be held by a man. It will always fail because of displacement of object. It can be completed through APN.
    6. Atonement for personal or taken on guilt. E.g. A newborn loses his mother at birth. He will often live as he does not deserve to be here.
    Michael Karlfeldt, N.D., Ph.D., 208-919-7429, http://www.karlfeldthealingretreats.com - A perfect blend of Healing, Relaxation, Fun, and Self Discovery in one of the most beautiful places in the world
    Want to have better relationships (spouse, parents, children), find love, be more successful, feel more joy, more self confidence, more sense of purpose, less fear, less worry, less physical pain, less reoccurring health issues, less weight issues?
    Karlfeldt Healing Retreats offers you the opportunity to lighten up and have fun while you are on a journey of self discovery. Our holistic programs are held on Beautiful Barbados and its serene, neighboring Caribbean isles. These peaceful islands provide an idyllic setting in which to experience self-healing, find clarity, and enjoy a renewed sense of purpose.
    http://www.karlfeldthealingretreats.com - A perfect blend of Healing, Relaxation, Fun, and Self Discovery in one of the most beautiful places in the world
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    Arthritis and Tendonitis Treatment: How To Lick Achilles Tendonitis

    Soft tissue disorders are a common complaint in a rheumatologist's office. The term soft tissue disorder encompasses conditions such as tendinopathy, bursitis, fibromyalgia, muscle disorders, and ligament strain.
    This article will focus on Achilles tendonopathy, better known as Achilles tendonitis.
    The most common cause of pain in the back of the ankle is Achilles tendon dysfunction.
    The Achilles tendon consists of the continuation of two calf muscle, the gastrocnemius and the soleus which unite to form a common tendon that inserts into the back of the calcaneus (heel bone).
    The blood supply for this tendon comes from arteries of the calcaneus as well as arteries descending down from the two muscles described above.
    The major problem is that the blood supply is not complete leaving what is called an "avascular zone" or "watershed zone" where blood supply to the tendon is absent. This avascular zone extends from about two to six centimeters above the Achilles insertion at the calcaneus.
    This avascular zone increases the likelihood of injury in this area.
    There are two types of Achilles tendonitis. One is insertional where the Achilles tendon attaches at the calcaneus. The other is non-insertional and occurs in the avascular zone.
    Insertional Achilles tendonitis occurs at the site of insertion of the Achilles and is associated with obesity, female gender, and age. Tenderness and swelling is noted and bursitis can also be apparent.
    Non-insertional Achilles tendonitis is best called Achilles tendinopathy. Why? Sections of an affected tendon seen under a microscope show degeneration of tendon fibers due to repetitive microtrauma. They reveal very little inflammation. The suffix "itis" means inflammation. The suffix "opathy" implies degeneration.
    his picture is often seen in male athletes, particularly runners, who report a sudden change in their workout regimen. There can be a small amount of inflammation seen in what is called the peritenon, the surface of the tendon. However, inflammation is minimal compared with tendon fiber degeneration.
    The tendon is tender and swollen on examination.
    The diagnosis is suspected clinically but can be confirmed by both magnetic resonance imaging as well as diagnostic ultrasound.
    Treatment of both types of Achilles tendon problems starts with trying to reduce inflammation and pain.
    Therapeutic options include ice, heel lifts, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and reduction of activity on a temporary basis. Steroid injections should not be given since these increase the likelihood of tendon rupture. Severe cases can be treated with 4-6 weeks immobilization in a walking Achilles boot.
    Physical therapy and eccentric tendon stretching exercises can be quite helpful. One new therapy that has some proponents is low energy shock wave therapy.
    Controversy surrounds the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP). Several randomized controlled studies have come up with conflicting results. These results may be explained on the basis of study design as well as technique. For example one study compared tenotomy (peppering the tendon with a needle) versus PRP.
    It is accepted that tenotomy works so comparing a treatment that works and then saying PRP doesn't work any better than tenotomy alone is "gaming" the study.
    In addition, the platelet concentrate should be high quality. Care should be taken to avoid premature platelet activation.
    In our hands using ultrasound needle guidance with tenotomy and PRP, Achilles tendinopathy has responded very well.
    Surgery is rarely indicated unless the tendon has ruptures.
    Nathan Wei, MD, FACP, FACR is a rheumatologist and Director of the Arthritis Treatment Center http://www.arthritistreatmentcenter.com. He is a former Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and consultant to the National Institutes of Health. For more info: http://www.arthritis-treatment-and-relief.com
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